Who Cares

Who cares

In these days of turmoil we hear a lot about big corporations and companies who care mostly about their bottom line with little or no respect for people or for our environment or for sustainability. Even if there are some who really endeavor to make a difference and change their practices they remain just a few.

As years go by, I can’t help but wonder… Who cares ?

No really…

Who’s got our back ?

Fortunately some people do. Some businesses do.

I am a big believer in the « Vote with your wallet » principle and in supporting sustainable initiatives. And as people and customers we have the power to make things change. We have the power to make choices to support the people and the businesses who support us and our communities.

Who are they ? Unfortunately we don’t hear a lot about them.

So here I am with this blog and my big mouth.  I will be introducing you  to those people and those businesses who care about us, about our planet, future generations and who are thriving to make a difference by implementing sustainable business models and practices.

Who cares is about humanity and business. Business by the people for the people.


6 thoughts on “Who Cares

  1. This is absolutely right. Who does care? If not us, then who? If not now, when? We can’t sit around and wait for big business or governments to decide for us. We have to start the process ourselves, today.
    We are the ones who must start that change; to live that change. We will only ever live on this one planet. We all forget that it belongs to all of us. We are responsible for caring for it. Support the small businesses who care. The ones that are environmentally sustainable and morally ethical in all of their practices. Let’s not get trapped in the consumerism hamster wheel that makes us buy and buy garbage to line the pockets of those who only look at the bottom line. There is more to life than what we’re being force fed every day. This planet and it’s natural beauty and resources are all that we have. We should be sharing it ethically and cherish it’s wonder. I care too.

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