Who Cares… One deep question, so many answers. There is neither question mark nor exclamation mark in the tittle. Who Cares is about both the question and the answers.

Who cares about us, our health, our future, our planet? This question has been in my mind for several years; always in the back of my mind.

As I was sharing my thoughts with my family and friends I realized that many have the same question. So many have this sense of dread and feel “What the heck! There’s nothing we can do, who cares?”

Over the years, I discovered some great businesses and wonderful people who made me say: “they care” or “she cares” or “Wow! This company really cares”.

It gave me hope. I needed it.

And if it gave me hope (and quite frankly it is not easy as I am quite “blasée”) maybe it could give hope to others, to my children and to my loved ones. Hence this blog.

I’m no expert, I’m just the girl next door with an inquisitive mind. I’m a curious brat really with a crazy brain and a love of writing; trying to answer this biggie… Who cares?


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